"Anxiety plays a big part of my life so joining CityFitness was hard for me as I always overthink things. However, I have connected myself to the most incredible Personal Trainer. Not only is she my Personal Trainer, I see her as a companion. I chose to have a Personal Trainer to me gain knowledge of all the equipment, to push me to my limits and try new things. I thoroughly enjoy my sessions. No going back now, only forwards. Victory!"
Rachel, CityFitness Newlands Member
"I’ve been with my PT for over a year and a half and honestly it was the best thing I could have done for myself. I hadn’t been to a gym for over 3 years before signing up. She helped me work on my goals via a consultation at first then set me up with a plan. Working out with her 1-2 times a week at first not only helped with my motivation but was always heaps of fun. She eased me into my work outs so it was never as scary as I thought it would be, offering a wide range of weights or circuit, whatever suits you!"
Vicky, CityFitness Burnside Member
"I had the pleasure of working out with my Personal Trainer for about 6 months while he helped me achieve my goals in time for my wedding. From the get go, he was super kind and understanding that I wasn't a fan of scales and measurements and that my goal was to feel more confident and get healthy. He absolutely supported me achieving this goal and I can't get over how toned I look now! My Personal Trainer made every session we had fun and challenging, but I never felt pressured or defeated. He provided me an awesome and delicious meal plan too which I actually enjoyed and could easily stick to."
Meg, CityFitness Queen Street Member
"Working with a Personal Trainer made me feel comfortable in a gym environment. My PT spent the time to get to know me as a person, not just as a client. I have seen her twice a week every week for a year and a half now and I wouldn’t change it for anything. She has helped me achieve fitness goals I never thought were possible and even on the days where I’m not feeling it (we all have those!) I know she’s there waiting for me, ready to push me to my hardest and I come out feeling ten times better every time without fail."
Elysse, CityFitness Burnside