Staged Opening FAQ's

We wanted to provide you with an overview of any questions you may have associated with our staged opening. We are extremely excited to reopen to help serve the health and fitness needs of our members, however we believe it is important to manage the reopening slowly which requires stricter controls on overall club and class capacity as well as member access, along with a greater degree of patience and flexibility for a period of time as we get back to normal. As a leader in health and fitness, the health of our members, staff, and the wider community has guided our approach.

Why are you not opening under the normal terms and conditions and member benefits?

To meet the Government’s guidelines, we need to institute physical distancing and contact tracing requirements. This requires that we implement more strict controls over access and usage to our clubs. This will be a temporary measure as we transition back to our normal operations and pricing.

Can I keep my membership on hold if I want to wait to come back?

Yes. You may keep your membership on a free hold for up to an additional 4 weeks as we hope by that time, we may be able to operate as normal.

How do I put my membership on hold?

To put your membership on hold, click here to login to your membership management portal and follow these instructions. If you don’t know your password just click reset password. Please keep in mind that your password for the membership management portal is different than the CityFitness app and the club to select is the one you selected when you signed up with us.

Is my password for the membership management portal the same as the app?

Maybe not. These are two separate systems for two different purposes so if you are not sure of your password for the membership management portal just click reset password when you login here and you can reset to what you wish.

How is physical distancing being managed?

We have worked closely with Exercise NZ and the Government to come up with best practices and the most recent guidelines can be found here. A cautious approach calls for 2 metre distancing which means we have calculated our clubs maximum capacities based on a 16m2 bubble around each person within the facility. This ensures the safety of everyone in the facility by making sure there is the space to move around without crowding. As more time passes with a lack of community transmission of Covid-19 we may decrease this over time as physical distancing requirements lessen.

When do you expect to open as normal?

Alert Level 1 allows us to get back to our normal operating conditions and member benefits, however we anticipate we can do so sooner as physical distancing requirements lessen and will continually lessen current requirements as time goes on, but we’ll be guided by the advice from the Ministry of Health and the Government so we do so safely.

As a Black Card member, can I still bring a guest?

Yes, however we will be managing guest privileges differently in order to comply with the contact tracing requirements. Starting on Monday 25 May, Black Card & Premium members will be able offer 2 friends or family members a 4 week complimentary membership for the month of June that will allow those guests the opportunity to book timeslots so we can assure we maintain the capacity limits required.

As a Black Card member, how do I use the guest passes?

Starting on Monday 25 May, as Black Card & Premium members come into the club they will be able to nominate up two 2 people for a 4 week complimentary membership on the membership kiosk within the club. Simply add in their details on the kiosk and within 24 hours they will be issued a key- tag for access with an activation link for the app in order to book time. Under 18’s can only be the guest of a parent.

Will the clubs be crowded?

No. Physical distancing is the primary requirement in our transition back to normal which is why we are limiting the occupancy within the club and classes. In addition, we will be requiring members to pre-book their gym time so that everyone is aware of the capacity at any given time.

What are the rules for scheduling?

Members will be allocated credits on the CityFitness app allowing them to book time which will be renewed each week. Members will be able to make their booking 48 hours in advance of their desired timeslot. As we progress through the Alert Level 2 we may adjust this where necessary as we determine what best suits the needs of our members.

What happens If I can’t make my booked time?

If you are unable to attend your book time slot, please cancel your booking so that someone else may schedule in and so you don’t lose a credit. As each person has 7 credits available to book throughout the week, if you book a time and don’t show up that credit can not be re-used.

Can I cancel my membership?

Members may cancel their membership if they choose, however we encourage anyone wishing to cancel to take advantage of the free hold period as we anticipate increases in prices for new members this winter and the free hold allows you to retain your current rate and avoid any additional fees when re-joining in the future.

How long will the booking system last?

The booking system is a temporary process to ensure we can maintain the club capacity and give members the comfort of knowing they can come and workout without having to wait. We anticipate that we will be able to remove this requirement over the coming weeks as more time passes without any community transmission of Covid-19 and physical distancing requirements lessen.

I don’t have access to the app, how do I get it?

The app is available from the app store. We have sent out activation links to all members who have not logged into the app throughout the week. If you do not get it, it is likely we have incorrect contact details for you in our system, or if you have forgotten your login details please contact your club or click here and we can send out a link to re-activate your account.

Will the staffed hours of the club change?

We increased the staffed hours of many clubs to accommodate as many members as we can during this time.

Why are the clubs not opened overnight since the usage is low anyway during that time?

It is important that we can manage all aspects of the operation as we transition back to normal and while the usage of the facility is generally low in the overnight hours allowing for the necessary physical distancing, there are other aspects of the club operations that require staff to manage. Access overnight during unstaffed hours is something we may transition to as we move through Level 2.

When will 24 hour access return?

We hope to be able to offer 24 hour access within the coming weeks and will evaluate our ability to do so on Friday 29 May after a full two weeks within Alert Level 2.

Can members still visit any club?


What are you doing to manage cleanliness in the clubs?

We have always taken pride in our overall cleanliness, but will be taken even greater steps to ensure the cleanliness of the facility during this time.

- Each member is given their own disinfectant spray bottle upon entry to bring with them to wipe down each piece of equipment before and after use. Bottles will be returned when the member exits the club and will be sanitised for the next user.

- We are conducting disinfectant fogging of the facility between gym and class bookings.

- Overnight deep cleans of the facility done each night.

- Towels are mandatory for entry into the club.

- Additional hand sanitizing stations are positioned throughout the club

- Staff are continually cleaning throughout the day to wipe down high touch areas like handles, door knobs, bars, etc.

How do we manage social distancing in clubs?

We have taken several steps to manage the physical distancing in clubs to ensure members have the necessary space to workout safely.

- Limiting capacity on the overall membership

- Limiting capacity in the gym and group fitness studios

- Marking space in the group fitness studio to ensure the proper distancing

- Requiring members to pre-book gym floor or class times

- Spacing out or otherwise restricting equipment usage

While we are limiting capacity in the club at any one point to ensure that physical distancing can be maintained, it is important that each person take the personal responsibility to ensure they maintain the recommended distance at all times.

What equipment is restricted?

We may take steps like turning off every other treadmill, bike and elliptical to ensure that members are spaced adequately to maintain the necessary physical distancing. Keep in mind that we are also limiting volume of members into the club so this should not limit the availability of that equipment, but only ensure the spacing is maintained. We may also space equipment further apart to maintain the distancing needed, as well as remove some of the smaller items like med balls, foam rollers, yoga matts and blocks that have no obvious handle that tend to be passed from one person to another.

Are there other precautions I should take when in the club?

As per the Ministry of Health, the best way to fight the spread of the virus is:

- Cough or sneeze into your elbow or by covering your mouth and nose with tissues.

- Put used tissues in the bin or a bag immediately.

- Wash your hands with soap and water often (for at least 20 seconds).

- Try to avoid close contact with people who are unwell.

- Don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean.

- Avoid personal contact, such as kissing, sharing cups or food with sick people.

- Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces and objects, such as doorknobs.

- Stay home if you feel unwell.

Will classes still run as normal?

We will continue to run many of our group fitness classes and you will be able to see the full schedule on the website and app.

Can I share my key-tag with friends or family?

Black Card members will have the opportunity to extend 2 guest passes to friends or family until we transition back to normal operations. Unfortunately, the family membership option of allowing members to share their key-tag is not available during this time. Due to the contact tracing requirements we must ensure that check in data matches with the actual usage of the club. We will re-instate this privilege as restrictions lessen.

Can I train with friends and be within 2 metres?

As per the Government recommendations, people may expand their bubbles to close friends and family within Level 2, however people must continue to maintain the 1 metre distance from those friends and family when within the gym.

If there is space can I show up to work-out without booking?

In addition to the opportunity to book time within the gym, members may also drop in for a workout if space allows. The CityFitness app will always show the space available for any time slot in real time.

Do I need to show up right at the start time of the booking or can I come anytime within the timeslot?

For gym floor bookings, you can show up anytime within the first 20 minutes of the start of their booking, however everyone must leave by the end of the timeslot. For example, if the timeslot is 6:00 – 7:15 you will be permitted in any time before 6:20 but must leave by 7:15 so we can do our cleaning before the next booking. Group fitness classes will be scheduled within these booking windows and ask that you be on time for the start of the class.